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OL: Tribal Arkam by Resxct
OL: Tribal Arkam
ID : #MPC6140


Name: Arkam
Age: 1100 (22 in human years)
Hair: Black
Eyes: Red
Height: 7 feet
Race: Pandemonian
Circle: Violence
Weapon: His claws,strength, and speed. Though primarily his mind.
Powers: Combat


Cautious:If there is one thing that is most prominent about Arkam, is that he is cautious of all beings, Pandemonians, Humans, Khadromans and monsters alike. This is born from living in a eat or be eaten world, but due to the same reason, he respects all things and doesn't think him superior then any.
Vicious:Being a Pandemonian of the Violence circle, he fights viciously, and if he feels it or if the opponent is fun enough, he will kill him/her in the most creative ways he can think of resorting to cannibalism not because he is hungry, but because it is fun, depending on his mood.
Perceptiveness:One thing that makes Arkam the most frightening is his perceptiveness to his opponents every movement. He always looks for a weakness of his opponent to exploit, and would always make quick strikes to bring him/her down.
Intelligence:As a Pandemonian, he is not just a simple fighter, he relies not only on his strength and speed, but his intelligence as well. Devising strategies whenever he is dealing with an opponent, strong or not.

Arkam always enjoys a good fight, which may only come from an opponent who is strong, and he won't bother killing those he knows aren't a threat to him, but that doesn't mean he won't be cautious of them. Unlike the stereotypical Pandemonian, he has no interest in gaining more territory or destruction per say, he only does what he does because it is fun, sometimes going on a lengthy hunts, and purposely lets the prey escape just so he can hunt it down again.

Despite this however, he is not a mindless killer, at times he is quite sociable, depending on his mood, and sometimes you could even talk to him comfortably, if you don't mind his ghoul-like voice.


He grew up alone near the rivers in the Violence circle. On instinct, he knew even as a kid to not trust anyone else aside from himself and always stayed clear and hid from other Pandemonians. Unable to fend or hunt for himself, he tends to scavenge on much stronger Pandemonian kills. This didn't last too long however as he eventually finds himself in a group with other Pandemonians of his age. On instinct they knew it was much safer to be in groups, not because they could trust each other, but because if anything happens, they'd at least have a meat shield to distract the threat from themselves. As they grew older, it was apparent that in the group, Arkam and his hunting partner, Lily, was the strongest, but one day Arkam started displaying more and more brutal kills, moving on to killing adult Pandemonians whom they once feared, the others feared him and he too knew this. Out of fear for their lives that he'd one day kill them, they attempted to kill him in his sleep, but this didn't work out well for them as Arkam was always on his guard, since the time he entered their group, and slaughtered them without remorse, and feasted on their carcasses, leaving only Lily who had no hand in killing him. She had intended on inviting Arkam to a new group that she would form, but he declined and they went their separate ways. Now being able to hunt and he was very much capable of fending for himself, like most Pandemonians, he became a lone wolf, moving around alone and has never trusted anyone asides from himself, eventually growing up to be who he is now.

He only partakes in socializing with other dwellers if he is in no mood to kill, or if there is nothing better to do, though not many enjoy his company, not that he minds of course, seeing everyone being shocked by his appearance is always amusing to him.

Later on, after being reunited with Lily after so long, he has developed a sudden urge to always keep her safe, not begrudging her for even being a herbivore now. As he starts to see her as the only one who he can relate to, the only one who may understand him, and she is the one he truly trusts. After awhile, his feelings for her grows, comforting her whenever she's in pain and helping her anyway she can. He rationalises this in his mind with the fact that Lily is a strong and capable, a valuable partner in a fight, though in truth, unknown to him, he has grown to love her, though it is merely one-sided on his part.

(Copied Personality and History from his original app xD)


So yea, first time ever actually taking time to draw once more, so yay for that xD

Was going for a hunter look for Ark, nothing too fancy, something that fits his more rational personality, something practical, so I came up with this. He keeps skulls for not only as trophies but as tools as well when it comes to a hunt (Like using the animal skull to blend in with nature while he hunts, or using the human/pand/khad skull as either a ward, or a macabre torch.

Tattoos are mostly random, though I was going for a more organic look to fit in with his hunter theme, at some parts they even look like roots.

It also should be noted that the scar along his middle is actually a burn scar that Lily accidentally inflicted on him some time back, so that part at least is a permanent look for him, for now.

Either way, can't wait to rp this version of him xD

Arkam (c) :iconresxct:
App (c) :iconrumbl3fish:
So yea . _ .
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Favourite cartoon character: Im not sure I cant decide this either
Personal Quote: " A lot of great artists or people start from somewhere"

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